Are Online Insurance Quotes Accurate ?

 The accuracy of online insurance quotes depends on how much and how accurate the information you put into the quote tool. When comparing how much you should pay for your insurance, keep in mind that your rates may vary based on your driving record and where you live.

Currently, the entire process of buying auto insurance can be carried out accurately through the internet.

How do I get an accurate insurance quote?
The accuracy of your insurance quote will depend on the amount and quality of information entered into the computer.

Here are some tips to ensure an accurate insurance premium quote.

  • Credit History: Your credit history, known as your insurance score for our purposes, will weigh heavily on your final premium. Insurance scores are unique to the individual, so putting in a fake name or date of birth will likely result in a premium that is far from accurate.
    It's best to give your social security number, which can be scary on the internet. Just make sure to check that the website you are using is secure.
  • Car VIN number: Providing your car's unique VIN number while you quote will ensure there are no surprises when you go to buy the policy (which you can't do without a VIN).
  • Driving History: A CARFAX report to determine your final rate. Most insurance providers review three to five years' history of tickets and insurance claims (whether at fault or not) for each driver listed on the policy.
  • Coverage: Make sure you know exactly what coverage you want. Talk to an insurance agent or do some research online to determine what coverage you may need.

Keep in mind that online quoting tools give you the freedom and flexibility to get an estimate on your own time, without having to make a trip anywhere or even a phone call. You can also get a good estimate of what you should pay for your insurance.

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