How to Get Temporary Car Insurance ?

 Have you ever driven a borrowed car and didn't know how to protect yourself in case of an accident? The best option may be a temporary car insurance , now we will explain how it works and if it is the ideal one for you.  

Usually a temporary car insurance is required by drivers who do not drive their vehicle frequently or it is a solution for some people who do not want to get hooked on a full policy, due to various situations.

It is worth mentioning that temporary car insurance is not available from all insurers, but they have other coverage options that can help you drive protected.

Most states in the United States require auto coverage. If for some reason you get stopped by the police driving without insurance, you could be fined or even go to jail. Also, if you end up involved in an accident , you will be responsible for all the damages caused.

Auto insurance protects you in the event of an accident that has caused injuries, property damage or even destroys a vehicle.

Remember that even if the car you are driving is not your property, you must purchase vehicle insurance.

Below we give you some examples for which it is worth buying temporary auto insurance.

  • If you borrow a car for a few days and if you do not have coverage
  • If you travel on the road and drive someone else's car
  • If someone borrowed your car and you need to drive another vehicle for a few days or weeks before yours is returned
  • If your car is under repair and you need to drive someone else's car
  • If you rent a car and do not have car insurance
  • If a family member is visiting and doesn't have auto insurance, you can add temporary coverage to your policy.
  • If you bought a car and plan to keep it for a short time
  • If you will be driving a car while staying in another state where you do not live

It is important to note that temporary insurance offers the same coverage by many insurers, this with the purpose of supporting the civil liability indicated by law.

Having an insurance policy is a smart investment in your financial stability that also helps protect your assets.

At Sigo Seguros we suggest you buy at least minimal insurance coverage, which can help you save money and even protect you from a lawsuit.

We have the best auto insurance coverage for you to protect yourself in an ideal way and receive effective advice from our advisors.

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