How to Prepare for Your Driving Test: 6 General Recommendations

 The driving test is a cause of anxiety for many people. They are filled with prejudices, their nerves do not allow them to concentrate and they end up doing it wrong. The purpose of this test is so that your examiner can verify that you drive safely and that you know how to follow traffic laws, and with this you can obtain your driver's license. Many people do not prepare themselves correctly for the most basic concepts that they must know by obligation and they alone put up their barriers to obtain the license.

The driver's license is one of the documents required to drive in the United States. Likewise, it is a document that greatly facilitates the process of hiring an auto insurance policy. Generally, drivers who have a license from the United States can get a better price on their auto insurance policy in this country. Depending on the insurance companies, it is also possible to get car insurance without a license or with a foreign license - in our blog you can learn more about car insurance without a license.

In this article, we are going to provide you with some general recommendations that can help you prepare better, so that you can master the general aspects that are essential for your passing of the driving test. This exam should not be an impediment for you, just follow these steps and remember… Don't worry!

1. Practice, practice, practice!

The first key recommendation for passing your driving test is to spend a few good sessions of your time refining your technique and the techniques that will be tested on test day. Always keep the test in mind as you practice. Thus, not only will you be well prepared, but you will also develop good driving habits.

We suggest that you practice accompanied by someone with experience. Thus, you can ask your partner to honestly tell you where he is making mistakes so that you can continually improve your technique as you learn.

2. Focus on the crucial factors.

The driving test lasts approximately 30-60 minutes. It has several parts of different importance, where you must demonstrate your knowledge of basic maneuvers and apply them correctly. The crucial factors are as follows:

  • lane changes
  • Go straight back
  • Driving on the highway (if there is one nearby)
  • Turn left and right
  • Driving on a street with normal traffic

These factors are decisive to be able to pass the exam, if you do not feel sure of yourself, you should practice these basic maneuvers. This exam is very similar in most states.

3. Obey traffic laws.

The big secret to passing your driving test is obeying traffic laws. Know the general laws of your state such as speed limits in urban areas and on highways. Go by identifying the signs on the street and react accordingly.

If you happen to experience bad weather or rain, it is important not to forget to turn on your car headlights – this could cost you points during the exam. It will also be important that you can anticipate the mistakes of other drivers and know how to react appropriately. If possible, learn some defensive driving maneuvers. Your examine will be amazed and may earn you points on the exam.

4. Drive gently.

The more preparation you have, the calmer and smoother you will drive. His way of maneuvering the steering wheel and his way of delicately using the accelerator defines him as a driver. Avoid the famous jolts with the car managing to stop the vehicle before the stopping point in a delicate way.

Likewise, it is very important to be clear about the lane change procedure and to do this, never forget to activate the turn signals to communicate such a maneuver to other vehicles on the road. Also check your mirrors as they are key to being able to do this safely, and your examiner will be watching you closely. Most states have similar requirements and laws, so be familiar with your state.

5. Always be friendly and courteous.

During the driving test, it is in your best interest to maintain a positive and friendly attitude to create a friendly atmosphere with your test taker. Be respectful and attentive to the recommendations that your examiner gives you, they expect this from you as a driving test practitioner. Also keep in mind that your escort will be an unbiased person dedicated to assessing her tenacity and knowledge, so act accordingly to that atmosphere as well.

Always ask questions and don't be afraid to do so; do not try to deceive or persuade the examinee, because he clearly knows what aspects he has to evaluate. He will always take note of how you act behind the wheel.


If for whatever reason you don't pass the driving test, don't worry. The examiner has to provide you with the points that can be improved in detail. You must keep practicing until you pass the driving test!

There are several advantages to having your driver's license. For example, as we mentioned earlier, drivers with a US license can usually get a better price on their auto insurance quote. It is one of the options to keep your car insurance price as low as possible.

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