Useful Things You Should Always Have in Your Car in Case of an Accident

 It does not matter if your car trips are short or long, there are certain elements that cannot be missing when you are driving, whether they are documents or tools. Are you driving to work and you got stranded, but your cell phone doesn't have a battery to warn? Or do you have a damaged tire but you don't have a spare, nor the necessary tool to change it?

These are some scenarios that we are prone to living on a day-to-day basis. Below we provide you with some of the utensils and documents that you should always carry in your car.

usacartips gives you the following list of what you should always bring.

1. Complete documents . Although it seems obvious, there are many people who do not carry the necessary papers for their car. Always carry your license, circulation card, proof of last verification and possession, as well as your current auto insurance policy .

Failure to upload these documents may be grounds for violations.

2. Multi-port USB charger. Calls, messages, music, internet, GPS navigation, etc. The cell phone has become an indispensable tool, capable of providing us with all kinds of solutions. But what good is it if it runs out of battery?

3. Cell phone holder. The recommendation behind the wheel is to attend exclusively to the road. The use of the trip computer or the central console must be used as a support, with caution and for no more than a few seconds.

4. Power cables. Perhaps you left the door closed incorrectly, you did not turn off the radio or you left a light on in the vehicle. Maybe even the battery just doesn't hold a charge anymore. Long enough cables and in good condition can get you out of trouble. There are even small, lightweight, cheap jump starters that you might consider buying to always have in your car.

5. Light signals or emergency triangles. You must place these light signals on the pavement at a certain distance from your car. The objective is to safeguard your safety and that of other people, in addition to serving as a signal for road assistance or emergency teams.

6. Tools. It's not about bringing all the hardware on board. That would even make your vehicle heavier, and therefore less efficient. A kit for the basic mechanics of your car is enough that contains: flat and cross screwdriver, tweezers, wrench and allen, insulating tape, gray tape, gloves and flashlight. Additionally, your car comes equipped with a spare tire, hydraulic jack and a wrench to remove the tire nuts, as well as a reflective safety triangle.

7. Air pump. Bringing a small compressor is very useful in case of a puncture or low tires. Although it may not be essential due to the chances of a mishap occurring, you will appreciate the investment and the precaution of carrying one.

8. Microfiber cloths. To prevent scratches, apply cleaning products or dry the car, this is the type of material you should use.

9. Fluids for the car. You may not consider it necessary when you are very meticulous in maintaining your car. If not, it's a good idea to fill up with oil, antifreeze, or windshield washer fluid.

10. First aid kit. These days you can easily get one of those little kits with basic first aid items. They are particularly useful when traveling, since a new environment and unusual situations tend to increase the risks to which we are exposed.

11.Fire extinguisher. Overheating, leaks and/or electrical failures can cause some vehicle parts to catch fire. It could be your car or someone else's, but being prepared with a fire extinguisher minimizes the chances of a serious situation. It is recommended to bring an ABC powder fire extinguisher, between one and two kilos.

12. Flavoring. You will agree that a car that smells good is always a plus, which speaks of the affection, care and interest of those who use it. Some people even install purifiers that remove smoke, pollen, and odors.

13. Immobilizing baton. It does not matter if your car is not new or flashy, if it has an alarm, insurance or locator. You are worried that lovers of what belongs to others will steal it. Additional safety accessories such as batons, circuit breakers or proximity ignition systems are great allies for a cautious driver.

14. Cameras for the car. Dash cams have been gaining popularity among motorists. Keeping track of what's going on in front, behind and inside the car is tempting. These accessories help us in clarifying crimes and road incidents.

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